About Joe Matarese

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Joe Matarese grew up in Cherry Hill, NJ, minutes outside of Philadelphia, and now resides with his wife and 2 kids in the NYC burbs. His 30-year comedy career is much like his favorite movie – Rocky - in that he’s hit a lot of doubles and triples, but he’s yet to hit the home run. But just like Rocky, he’s going the distance.

I’ve known Joe Matarese for 15 years now and I’ve always thought highly of his ability as a comedian. You instantly like him and he uses that not as a way to desperately please the audience, but as way to be edgier and smarter. All this combined with a fantastic bone structure makes him a perfect person to teach the art of standup comedy. We do the road a lot together, and I really hope it’s Joe who finds me dead in a shitty hotel room.
— Artie Lange - comedian, best selling author, actor , and Howard Stern sidekick.
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In those 30 years, Joe’s landed appearances on the most sought after TV and radio shows including The Late Show with David Letterman, America’s Got Talent (where he received a standing ovation from all 4 celebrity judges and the 2000 person crowd), Chelsea Lately, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Comedy Central Presents (his very own 1/2 hour special), The Howard Stern Show, and 2 One-Hour Specials entitled “Medicated” and “The Poster’s Wrong”. You may also recognize him from Bravo’s reality series Better Half where he taught his wife to perform standup and she brought home the $20,000 prize.

Of all my peers teaching stand up, Joe Matarese is the one I recommend the most. Joe has a master’s understanding of all aspects of stand up and the stand up world. He knows the craft and has lived it, but most importantly Joe has the ability to communicate good advice to beginners as well as seasoned professionals.
— Jim Gaffigan - The Late Show with David Letterman, two 1-hour Comedy Central Specials: Beyond The Pale and King Baby.
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Joe has hit the stage four times at the prestigious Montreal Comedy Festival, leading to two development deals with major television networks. Joe was also the creator and star of a 13-episode web series funded by Official Comedy, “Fixing Joe”, a scripted comedy based on Joe’s first podcast of seven years with the same name. Look for Joe’s brand new podcast, Standup Lie Down, coming out in Fall 2017. Joe also loves to teach aspiring comics. He’s led comedy workshops on the west coast and is now sharing his talent back home in NY.